Michael Brooks

CEO at goLance Inc.

"Ananda is terrific. He's a great asset for our company who is professional, hard working, diligent and friendly individual."


Eric Sigler

Venture Capitalist & Serial Entrepreneur

"Ananda is a very talented and experienced accountant. He was very helpful with this project. He demonstrated great attention to detail and was very responsive and prompt. He was also a pleasure to work with"


Esha N.Hussain FCA

Partner , Hussain Farhad & Co.

"Ananda is very hard working and efficient worker.He is detail oriented and tries his best to meet deadlines. He works very well in the field of accounting, bookkeeping, internal audit and filing tax returns. However his biggest strength is that he does justice to his name which means "happiness". No matter how stressful the situation is he shall manage it and provide you the deliverable with a smile in his face!!!!"


Jonathan Zobra

CEO at 37 Coins Inc.

"Ananda was one of our most successful hires. He has a cheerful and pleasant demeanor that is very professional. In addition, his strong knowledge in bookkeeping and quickbooks guided our company, while his attention to detail, punctuality and clear verbal and written communication gave us confidence in his overall work.Thanks for the effort, Ananda"