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I offer mentorship program on leadership skills, building small business and communication skills. Step ahead towards development and culture creation for the next great generation of change makers.

Current Courses Offered

Training on Accounting Software (QuickBooks & Xero)
Training on Practical Accounting
Training on building communication skills

Ananda Nongmin  is the Mentor for online business - SME, Leadership and Organizational Excellence Coach, Trainer, & Career Strategist.





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A smart journey with goLance Inc – “A powerful & emerging freelance marketplace in the world”!

In a fine morning in the mid of 2015, I got a surprise email from Michael Brooks, CEO of goLance, Inc that, “We have an exciting news for you”. I replied with esteem excitement to learn “What is inside the uncovered box?” He replied that he created and launched “goLance” a new platform like Upwork and he wants me to work for them through the platform.

5 Reasons Why You Should Do Internship

Getting a fancy college degree is not enough for you to get a good job. You need more than that. You need a good network, wonderful communication skill, previous experiences, and an outstanding CV for that. And here internships come with all those excellent packages. You will get all of them if you start doing an internship in a particular company.

How to select a perfect company to work?

Selecting a suitable job for yourself is as important as choosing your life partner. You have to think over and over about it. Because choosing a right company to work for, can accelerate the growth of your career. Before applying for a job or after getting a job offer, you have to do some research about that company. Don’t jump into the darkness.